code blue

code blue follows passionate US physician, Dr Saray Stancic, as she reflects upon her journey from a multiple sclerosis diagnosis to wellness through the adoption of lifestyle medicine. Dr Stancic introduces the viewer to expert physicians and scientists who are paving the way to make meaningful and necessary change in our healthcare environment, and in turn, empowering audiences to stand up and reclaim control of their health.

Doctors For Nutrition hosted the Southern Hemisphere Premiere of code blue exclusively to Nutrition in Healthcare Conference 2019 delegates on the evening of Saturday 16 February 2019.

Diet Fiction

Diet Fiction follows the director’s journey through the world of diet and weight loss as he uncovers common misconceptions and debunks misleading information about dieting and health. The film features 28 world class experts in weight loss, nutrition and health, exposing the viewer to new disruptive ideas and science-based evidence with the potential to promote long term sustainable weight loss and improved health.

The Nutrition in Healthcare Conference 2019 held the Melbourne premiere of Diet Fiction on the evening of Sunday 17 February as part of the Sunday optional add-on program